Tina Twilleger
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TV Series Challenge For Health is now Online On FaceBook.The "2014"
Tummy Buster,s DVD Collection is HOW HERE The purpose of our
program is to inform people of these health issues and try to involve
them in a fun, healthy, safe, functional exercise and weight loss program.
Challenge for Health LLC is dedicated to helping those individuals that
are aware of their health issues and are willing to improve their lifestyle,
weight loss goals and overall way of living a healthy secure lifestyle. We
feel that our show and program is a success. We have a large group of
people following our show and several success stories at this time, we
just added two new shows, Feb/27/2014 at our own expens
We are targeting the challenged individuals that feel that available exercise programs
are too strenuous and difficult, and therefore lose their drive and motivation. We have
three different modifications within our show so the individual will not feel
uncomfortable and what to quit. We want people to stick with our program and enjoy
losing weight; we do not want to scare them away.
Participants will be encouraged to watch our workout show where they can choose
an exercise program to fit their needs. They will learn different exercise techniques to
help improve their fitness, everyday life activities, health and wellness.
Enjoy Us: