Hello Stefan!

You have written the letter to me, it is very pleasant. Thanks, that
you have found, that minute has answered me. Sincerely conversation I
Could not hope for it. Write to me on this email. With that I had
problems. I do not know what to tell in my first letter because I
never got acquainted through the Internet before. It - something new
and unusual to me. But I shall try, write good letters to you. I
assume, that you will be capable to understand mine Words also that I
shall tell to you. I think, that will be correct if I start to speak
you about mine all over again because it was I Who started to write. I
am not confident, that you will love my letters, that they will be
interesting to you but if it will not be so You will write to me about
it. Well? Probably you will be surprised, that I do not live in your
country. But I hope, that it does not shake You. Same I similarly to
many other ladies in other countries in the world. I am a usual woman
who has hands, legs, main a Heart which is the most important. I
think, that my heart is very sensitive. I hope, that you will
understand it from my letters. I shall be very happy, if the distance
between us does not do afraid you, and you will answer me. Please not
be too strict to My mistakes in words, the English language - not my
native language. But I Assume, that I know it well. Well, my name -
Vera, as you To know. You can name me as you like. I shall not be
disappointed. To me of 32 years. My birthday - on 28-th of May . I was
Given birth in 1982. My height - 168 see. My weight - 47 kg. I live in
city Izhevsk. Izhevsk known city of Russia. Izhevsk - very much
beutive city. I assume, that you would like city if you saw it. I
dreamed to become an actress in my childhood. Probably it - dream of
many girls. But my dream did not become true. It is serious The
validity of a life. I have finished medical university. My formation
will consist of 3 levels: school, college, university. I Studied
within 18 years. All 18 years I have studied the English language
also. I have finished university in age 25. How to me gave with a
medal for excellent results during my studying. Do not think, that I
brag (Smile). Than I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic
within 4 years. It was very much intresting and in the same Time
responsable. I was happy to give health of people, to help them. Many
things depend on me during actions. I think in The future I will be
capable the surgeon to become independent. You think, what it - good
dream? Probably that I shall work in Clinic, as the basic surgeon. Now
I have the small house with a small garden. I live one for this reason
I am not capable to Work in a garden it is constant. But however my
garden is very beautiful and pleasant. I like to raise flowers because
They the most beautiful which have been created by the nature. I live
one, I have no neither children, nor the boyfriend. Sometimes I Feel
like very lonely in my house. Perhaps, for this reason I have decided
to get acquainted with you. To me already 30, also I take a life
philosophically. I have the house, work, friends, but I cannot tell,
that I am happy. I have was not present Many who I can my best half. I
have written to you all over again, it means, that I can divide my
ideas and feelings with you. I hope, that you will not be Laughter.
And we shall write many letters to each other. I am very pleased and
grateful, that you have answered my letter, because I Decided to try
to get acquainted through the Internet only once. And it was a miracle
for me when you have written to me the letter. If it Was not, so I
shall never try to do friends through e-mail once again. I never get
acquainted before in such a way. I cannot Understand completely as it
works because I have no computer. I - only beginer in work of the
Internet. But I hope, that I shall be Be capable to write to you
constantly. I hope, that you are interested in our dialogue, as I. I
would like to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer
them, you could not to make it, I shall not be offended. What do you
do? What your trade? Make you Similarly to this? Who - nambers your
family? I ask to tell it in more detail. With whom you live? You can
tell to me About all of you, that you want. I shall be pleased to know
all about your life. It - only female curiosity. The hope will not
offend it You. I understand, that tastes differ, but I hope, that my
image will be pleasant for you. But I should tell, That I cannot
receive the big files. I shall have trouble. As I use a computer on
work. I hope, that you will write to me soon. I thank you Beforehand.
With the best regards. With the best regards.

EnJoy Us:

Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it.
Honey, you know, yesterday when I was online and when I was thinking
about you :) I’ve seen that story, that I would like to share with
you. I hope you will like it, tell me your opinion on that, ok? Here
it is: Whenever it rains, it is a very spectacular sight to behold. It
can be a mild shower, a fierce thunderstorm, a light drizzle or even a
display of lightning amidst a backdrop of scenic landscape, but all
that I ask for is that when it rains, I want you to be by my side to
admire and take in the beauty of life - water. An essential element
that has kept us alive to this very day to continue being in love.
Whenever raindrops fall from the sky, big or small, I can be assured
that heaven is tearing for the sins of this world. And with every
single tear comes drops of forgiveness and it is this act of forgiving
that enables the human race to sustain an existence on this living
hell and it is this forgiveness that gave rise to love which is the
biggest forgiver of all. Watching the rain with you is like a very
special ritual. When two minds are deep in thoughts, when two hearts
are deep in love, when two people are not speaking but just enjoying
the silence of the moment save the thoughts of heaven raining upon
green pastures in front of us, we are able to hear each other better.
We are able to think more about each other, care more for each other.
Like a hand across your shoulders, a gentle massage on the neck, a
kiss on the cheek or just the thoughts of each other. Every time when
it rains, I feel so warm both physically and emotionally. You will be
there with me, holding me tight, feeling the rain splattering against
our faces, huddling on to each other for warmth when we hug and kiss
in the rain. It is such sheer rejuvenation, experiencing what it is
like to be refreshed and free from all burdens and worries, just being
with the girl I love, in the rain. The chill of the wind might sear
through my heart, the sky might be all gloomy and dark but I am sure
that there will always be a rainbow after the rain. It will be a
beautiful sight to appreciate in awe as the ray of seven colors
stretches from horizon to horizon making it the most majestic view
from afar. The warmth of the sun as it re-emerges, the chirping of the
bird as they start to feed, the swaying of the tress in the gentle
breeze are all but part of the picturesque scenery with us standing in
the foreground, completing the picture, just like you complete me,
feeling every single gap in my heart just like water filling up an
empty glass till it overflows, with your love. The rainbow way above
us, coupled with the landscape we are part of is our world of beauty
but the greatest beauty of all is the one I will only ever love,
standing beside me, with me. That will be you. This very special
moment in time spent and shared together is liken to a celebration of
our love that is everlasting and eternal, tried but true, encapsulated
in the purest form of patience, kindness, understanding, concern,
respect, trust and faith in our hearts forever... I hope you liked it,
Stefan. This story made me think about you, hun :) I am finishing my
letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply!!!

With hugs and tender kisses,

My stories

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earlier to
Internet cafe.
To me it was
very sad
that I have
not received
your letter. I
hope, what at
you all is
Write to me
please, I
very much
worry, when
you do not
write to me.
You understand
my feeling. I with
impatience will
wait for your

Girl's you have been  
receiving  letters from someone
pretending to be Stefan, but
he will write back or you can
look for him in CfH's  Chat Room
Anytime. Sorry he is not looking
for a girlfriend,  he already has a
girlfriend. keep the letters

Thank You,    EnoyUs:(CfH)
Thank You,
For the letters
pleasant that I have such a friend as you are. It's a pity that you
are far from me. But I will hope that we will meet one day. I think we
will be glad to see each other when we know each other better. Masha
ask me about you every day. I say to her that I'm constantly thinking
about you Stefan. She is glad for me, and she always asks me to
remember her to you. Earlier I didn't manage to find the carpenter.
But today I have seen him in the morning and I asked him to repair the
door in the Masha's house. In the afternoon he came and said that he
had done everything and changed the lock. I thanked him but he said:
"Never mind" becouse he is always ready to help old people. My
neighour came a little bit later and told me about the carpenter. It
turned out that he refused to take money for his work. Masha tried to
give him some money but he said that he would be offended if she
didn't stop doing it. Masha said: "He has gone with nothing". By the
way he and his college will repair my roof in the house. You know many
people in Russia help other people and don't take money for it, if
they know that the people have to money. I think it's the only good