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of support.
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Doreen, Hi there
I am writing this letter to invite you to this website, with an
intention of meeting you there.
Maybe you are the Mr. Dependable, the Mr. Perfect and
exactly the one I search for.
CfH: Fan's
EnJoy Us:
Vera, Hello Stefan      My Homepage
You have written the letter to me, it is very pleasant.
Thanks, that
you have found, that minute has answered me. Sincerely
conversation I
Could not hope for it. Write to me on this email.
Elena, Dear Stefan
I do not have questionnaires on sites, let's continue
dialogue in electronic letters.
It is small east country if to you there will be interestingly
you you can look on the Internet.
Lenna, Sweet
You must be confused to read that emeil I suspect.
Allow me introduce myself,
I'm Lena !Iam gentle, loving, funny, intelligent, with a
sence of humour.
And I hope my email did not hinder you.
Aleksandra, My Friend
Again, I am very glad to receive your letter from you.
because I really like to talk to you
nearly every day. because I also want to recognize you
each time a lot more. and
I hope that you are also interested in talking to me.
though you're so far away from me,
Yulyai, Hallo
I from Russia. I think we have smth common in seeing
to find our favourite person.
I am looking for a good man, who will be the best a
good favourite,
whom I can believe, whom I will respect and who will
respect me, whom I can trust my destiny!
Vera Sun, Salutti
I had not previously acquainted when the net and
therefore not immediately decided to write you a
But today, my day is fine, I have a very good mood
and I decided to start a new acquaintance.
Marina, Howdy
I have no idea how to start this letter. OK I'l start by
saying that I am writing to a man online for the very
first time. I am very worried and ill at ease. Are you
lonely? Are you wishing to find a woman for getting
rid of dark thoughts and becoming a family?
Tanya, Find Me
I am Tanya and I am in search of my personal Mr.
Dependable? Are you one?
Well I hope that you are. Most girls are in search of
one. It is very important for us girls to have
someone who is there for you in any situation in
111, Hugs Kamilla.    HomePage
Of course to answer your question as I found you. My
sister,registered me on a dating site. I received an email
from my mailbox.I think we have both received spam from a
dating site. I wrote to you because I received a letter from
someone pretending to be you. The letter must have been
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Girl's you have been  receiving  letters
from someone
pretending to be Stefan,
but he will write back or you can look for
him in CfH's  Chat Room Anytime. Sorry he
is not looking for a girlfriend,  he already
has a girlfriend. keep the letters coming
Thank You,    EnoyUs:(CfH)
How do you do, my friend! At last I had the guts to send
you a letter. I had not been an Internet user before and
that is the reason why I did not venture to send you a
letter the very first day.
Viktoriia           MY HomePage
To Stefan   Good afternoon, Today my day has begun
rather unusually... Not successfully for me. I have spilt
coffee on the keyboard of the laptop... It was
misfortune for me. You think, what I clumsy? Probably
you are right.
Hi! How are you doing? I'm single woman and looking
for a mate. Are you looking for a love too? I'd like to
talk more and know each other better, I think it will
very interesting for both of us.
Thank You, For the letters
How is your mood? My good.
I'm glad you got my letter. And I'm glad to see your letter,
too. I'll be waiting for your questions and i will be happy to
answer each. I do not even know I'm asking you. The first
time I met over the Internet. we have opened an internet
cafe, and I decided to try it
marinosma Nice   

Greetings, dear friend.
At last I had the guts to send you a message.
I had not been an Internet user before and that is the reason
why I did not venture to send you a message the very first day.
But now everything is OK, I my spirits are high and I am eager
to start a new relationship.

Yours Marin
I am Elena
Good day, new dear friend i was lucky enough to write you,
please excuse me beforehand if
I've disturbed or bothered you ok. The thing is that I'm tired of
being alone and decided to try Intern dating! I hope that this will
be a new stage in my life.